I Wrote a Book of Unwise Quotes

The Book of Antiphorisms

Rumi. Oscar Wilde. Maya Angelou. Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
Far more eloquent than I should ever hope to be, this work is indebted to these very good words-on-paper-putters. Another thing you could say is that perhaps I was a vessel for some unknown entity, maybe a better writer. Maybe Mark Twain.

But these are not the words of man. Nor of woman. Nor pelican. But that should surprise few, that last one. Pelicans have not been particularly prolific in producing prose. Alas, perhaps that is why we have yet to learn to fly like the birds, free. But let that not stop us from forever trying, searching...yearning. Some may find answers in this very book.
Have you ever considered simply sticking a pen into the pelican’s beak?

If you are interested in acquiring the Book of Antiphorisms for a measly five euros, contact me or ask me at one of my live shows.

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